All events will take place at Hotel Zaza in Houston’s Museum District unless otherwise noted.




Thursday Activities

Members’ Breakfast

Meet and network with members of ASAI for a complimentary breakfast to start the Conference.

Board Meeting

Members are welcome to attend the ASAI Fall Board Meeting to learn more about the state of the organization and future plans for growth.

Portfolio Review

Gain access to valuable feedback from top leaders in architectural visualization! Share your portfolio and grow as an illustrator by engaging industry professionals and learning the strengths and weaknesses of your renderings.

Sketch Tour

Join celebrated architectural historian, Stephen Fox, as he leads us on walking tour of Rice University. Rice University and Rice School of Architecture both celebrated their Centennial in 2012. A treasure trove of great architecture, the timeless campus features designs by Cram, Goodhue, & Ferguson; John Staub; William Ward Watkin; Michael Graves; Kieren Timberlake; Ricardo Bofill; Cesar Pelli; Lake/Flato Architects; and many other local and internationally renowned architects. Also on the tour are large scale art works by James Turrell and Michael Heizer. From Lovett Hall to Brochstein Pavilion, this tour will look at some of the more unique, hidden, important and historical features of Rice University’s Campus. In addition to the architecture we will explore the context surrounding each building, the quads, courts and axes, how these elements work together to shape collegiate space.

Welcome Reception

Join ASAI 2017 President, Corey Harper of TILTPIXEL, at the Architecture in Perspective 32 Conference opening. Take your pictures with your favorite illustrators at the photo booth! Light appetizers and drinks will be available.


Friday Activities

Jackie Wheat presents “3D Illustrations: Better Decisions Faster”

This keynote address will dive into a case study of the design and development of the ExxonMobil campus headquarters, and the ways in which architectural illustration yielded smarter, faster decision-making.

Ryan Cohen presents “Building a Business: Tales of an Arch Viz Brand in NYC”

Join Ryan as he relays the struggles, pitfalls, big wins and lessons learned as he grew a fledgling Neoscape studio in New York City to an arch viz powerhouse.

Black Spectacles presents “The Argument Against Learning by Red Lines”

Join Black Spectacles for lunch as they describe how their Software Learning Curriculum supports professionals in the architecture community. Their online learning opportunities, ARE prep courses and detailed tutorials are top-notch and appeal to architects of all experience levels.

Chris Nichols presents “The Parallels between Human Portraiture and Architectural Illustration”

When computer graphics entered the world of Architectural illustration, we gradually dropped the word illustration and replaced it with visualization. As time passed, the conversation moved from learned historic best practices, to the new technical abilities that computer graphics had to offer. Today, technology is also playing a role in photorealistic humans. Digital humans is arguably one of the most challenging subjects to master in computer graphics. We will explore some of the artistic, technical, and scientific challenges in creating believable digital humans. Just like architectural visualization, there is a rich history of hyper-realistic human portraiture that computer graphics artists can borrow from, such as the Dutch Masters. As such we will draw parallels between Architecture visualization and digital humans and the lessons that could be learned from both.

Alex Hogrefe presents “Hacking Visualization”

This session will dive into experimental and exploratory visualization and how these studies have served as a foundation for professional visualization through a Photoshop-heavy workflow.

AIP 32 Exhibition

Join us for food and drinks as you view all 100 of the selected artists at the Esperson Gallery. Located in the heart of downtown Houston at GreenStreet, a visit to the Esperson Gallery is an arts destination for locals and visitors to experience work on canvas, the cinema arts, photography, sculpture, and performance art. Both AIA Houston and Esperson are proud sponsors of ASAI’s Exhibition.


Saturday Activities

Scott DeWoody presents “GPU Rendering”

Scott will lead us on a case study of the development of the Nvidia Headquarters, and how GPU Rendering elevated the visualization process.

Jesús Vassallo presents “Seamless, Digital Collage and Dirty Realism in Contemporary Architecture”

The lecture explores how a new generation of architects and photographer produce architectural images from fragments of reality, investigates how and shared digital technologies influence the creation of architecture and the valuation of its photographic representation, and sheds light on the ideological drive behind such practices.

Lunch & Learn: VR Bar

Join industry leaders from Gensler, TILTPIXEL, Neoscape and Chaos Group as they showcase the latest in virtual reality technology. Participants will gain a first-hand look at recent VR projects while enjoying lunch.

Ramy Hanna presents “Render Like a Photographer”

This lecture will guide you through the essentials of creating a stunning image by adhering to the vital rules and principles of photography. Ramy will break down the principles of well-known architectural photographs and translate them to renderings using 3ds Max software. He will explore photographic phenomena and the rules of photographic composition and showcase their application to 3D renderings.

Frank Costantino presents “A 45-Year Retrospective of Architectural Illustration”

Join Frank Costantino, one of the original founders of ASAI, as he presents a keynote address on his insights into the past, present and future of architectural illustration.

Cocktails & Awards Banquet

Award certificates and cash prizes will be given out to the selected artists of the Architecture in Perspective international professional and student competition. A plated dinner will be served.

There will be a cocktail hour preceding the Award’s Banquet. Final auction bids can be made during the cocktail hour.